Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friday - WOD 117 - Deck of Cards AMRAP (Birthday Fun)

I wanted to say Happy birthday to 2 amazing women.

First, Jackie Johnson... She has always been a part of our CFS family ever since she went out on her own to be an amazing CrossFit coach. Since then, we have the fortunate ability to have her as a coach here now at CFS.
She is an inspiration to so many and we are glad she is part of our Box

Second, Happy birthday to ANT. Her and her hubby Steven have been strong supporters of our Box for a very long time. And as athletes, they are getting stronger, faster, better every day. 
ANT is a constant reminder of good health and being the best that a woman can be for her friends, her family, and her CrossFit family.

Happy Birthday Ladies:

Warm up
Group warm up
empty bar warm up
Tabata situps/planks

Partner Deck of Cards 20 Min AMRAP
Diamonds = air squats
Hearts = OH plate lunges 25/15
Spades = dead lifts 185/135
Clubs = Burpees
Jokers = 400 Meter Run
(Jack/Queen/King = 11 reps)

*The score is the total number of reps completed. You will use your cards that you drew as a reminder of those reps
*at the sound of 3-2-1 go, each team of 2 will have their own deck and start drawing cards.
They will do the SHARED work that corresponds to the card
Example, if the team draws a 10 of diamonds, then as a team they will do 10 Air squats (shared)
**If a joker is drawn, the whole team has to run a 400 meter run and the run does not count as any points.

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