Thursday, May 28, 2015

Friday - WOD 123 - What a Wonderful Ladder

Warm up
Group warm up
Empty bar warm up

15 min pull up clinic (work on that "Next level" Pullup)
Remember the rule of 10, you need to have 10 reps of the current technique before trying a new one. So the first thing you need to do is demonstrate to the coach that you can do 10 before learning a new technique.
**for example, if you are currently on a banded pullup, you need to do 10 and then we can start looking at a smaller band or no band.
****then.... max reps using that new Technique (even if its just 1, it's a start)

*5 attempts to get a heavy 1 rep lift

A Wonderful Ladder of....
OH Squats 95/65
Bar hop over (over and back = 1)

*example - round 1 would be 1 OH squat and one bar hop over and back
Round 5 would be 5 OH squats and 5 Bar hop overs and back

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