Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thursday - WOD 111 - Regionals Event 1 and 5

Crazy partner work out today. Why do we love working with partners? Because CrossFit Success is all about community. Sometimes working with a partner will pull you out of your comfort zone so that you can help another athlete perform better. Or sometimes, working with a partner will make you go a bit faster or harder if that partner is a little more experienced than you.

Either way, it all makes you faster and stronger.

We will be closed for all Friday night classes, Saturday classes, and Sunday Open gym. All of our trainers will be at the South Regionals.

Coming up.... Some snatch Fun

Warm up
Group Warm up
Empty bar Snatch Grip Warm up
Empty bar snatch Balances

Event 1
75 Snatches 75/55
6 min Cap

2 min break after the Cap

Event 5
2 attempts at a 1 rep Max Snatch
- Each attempt can only be 20 seconds long
- At the top of the next minute, you will be a Second attempt
(Beginners, work on Snatch form with lighter weight)

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