Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thursday - WOD 116 - Move that Body

Audge and Flexi with Matt Chan

Okay, we had a few days of lifting some heavy weight with a few longer workouts. Today, we are going to hit a quick body weight WOD.
Remember this WOD is designed to be fast. So don't get hung up on any specific movement.
You will get some good double under practice during the skill portion of the WOD, but if you can't carry that over to the Metcon, then switch back over to singles so you can keep moving.

15 minutes to work on double unders.
Everyone is trying to "one-up" their previous PRs
So if you max double unders is 10 in a row, go for 11
If you have 1, go for 2 in a row

buy in - 30 second Hollow Hold - then....
12 Min AMRAP
30 double unders (90 singles)
20 Abmat situps (must touch the ground behind you, then your toes)
10 HR Pushups

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