Monday, May 25, 2015

Tuesday - WOD 120 - Recovery

What a great day we had on Monday doing Murph. I was so excited to see such a large group motivate each other through that tough WOD.
It was super cool seeing the "finish line" cheer group getting bigger and bigger cheering on the remainder of the team as they came in. Nothing says community more than this.

We are going to have a slower day today to try and recoup from Murph.

So here we go

Warm up
20 minute foam roll as a team
Posterior chain (glutes, hammies, calves)
front of leg (quads, IT band, shins)
then back and arms

tabata 1 - Situps/planks (alternating rounds between the 2)
tabata 2 - KB Swings/single arm presses 52/35 (alternating rounds)
Tabata 3 - man on fire burpees/candle stick get ups (use a plate as needed, alternating rounds)

*2 min break between tabatas
**we are keeping the 10 second rests. The second movement should be done in alternating rounds with the first movement. Example, round 1 - do situps, then 10 second break, round 2 - planks

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