Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wednesday - WOD 110 - Regionals Team WOD

I think it is important to remember the teams that are also going to regionals and not just the individuals.
These teams often have to do the same amount of work as the individuals, but in a team setting with a few fun twists to the workouts.

So remember that your partner is your friend on this one.

I am modifying it to be a partner WOD vs a full team of 6

Strength: (20 mins)
Front Squat
Looking for a 5 rep max
Start at 60% of known max

Int/Beg - work on good Front rack form prior to adding weight
Must show good form on an empty bar before progressing with weight

Metcon (regionals team event 3 - modified)
12 min CAP
800 Meter Shared run (400 each)
50 Wall ball shots 20/14

600 Meter Shared run (300 Meters each)
40 wall balls (#3 on the side of the road)

500 Meter shared run (250 Meters each)
30 wall balls

Rx is as written
Advanced is the option below
Intermediate is if you add another partner or reduce the run or reps in any way
(for an advanced option, do not share the run, one person would simply do the entire run while the other works on the set of  wall balls, then switch. And YES, that means that one person will run 2 times and only do 1 set of wall balls while the other does 2 sets of wall balls and only runs once)

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