Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wednesday - WOD 121 - Don't Drop that Bar

We had a great recoup day. Now time to get some weight moving around.

Warm up
Group warm up
snatch grip empty bar warm up

Each athlete will choose either the skill or strength for today (only 1)

Skill work: (15 minutes)
Demonstrate a good foot hold for rope climbs.
the 3 most common options are
1. the clam hold (not recommended for multiple climbs)
2. the full wrap around (most common for begginers)
2. the S hold (most common amongst Games Athletes)
*for athletes that already have a good foot hold and wish to do so, move onto Strength
**for beginners and athletes that are still looking for a good foot hold spend 10 minutes or so working on this

Strength: (15 minutes)
Snatch balance
trying to increase the weight on each load.
If an athlete can not demonstrate a good snatch balance, remain with the PVC pipe until they acheve the movement

Metcon: (from the main site)
8 min AMRAP
Push press 115/75
perform 50 double unders on each drop of the bar
*The score is only the Push presses - so try not to drop that Bar.

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