Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday - WOD 135 - Flight Simulator

Most of you have done a flight simulator work out before. We normally do them with double unders. The idea is that you have several sets of work to do. However, you have to do that set unbroken or you have to start that set over again. 

Why is it called a flight simulator. I am not really sure. This style of WOD has been around for some time (CrossFit Mayhem). And I have seen some people say that like a flight simulator, it is okay to crash (meaning you won't die), but you have to start all over again. 

Let's go with that....

Warm up
group warm up 
Bring Sally up - Pushps (and yes, you can rest at the bottom, its just a warm up)

Strength (15 minutes)
Bench press
trying to increase weight on each set - record you heaviest set of 5

Metcon - Flight Simulator (Wall Balls) 
18 min cap
*Unbroken Sets - If you drop the WB the set does not count… Rest as needed between sets.*

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