Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday - WOD 141 - 65 Shades of Green

These 2 people are Amazing. They are Team Green. We love having them around and can't believe how much they have grown with CrossFit and in their own personal lives.
So here are some Fun facts and dates

Lindsay Bday 6/10 (31 years old)
Josh's Bday 6/17 (34 years old)
Anniversary 6/17 (9 years old and lucky Dog Josh, Hard to forget the anniversary on that day)

So here is what Sabring and I came up with

Skill - with your partner complete the following shared work
65 Hollow Rocks
65 GHD hop extensions

Buy in 800 Meter Row

9 rounds (7 rounds for Int/5 rounds for beginners)
10 HSPUs while partner is holding HS
17 Pullups while partner is hanging
31 Ground to bar touches while partner is holding plank
34 Air squats while partner is holding bottom squat position
*beginners are not doing the holds

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