Friday, June 5, 2015

Saturday - WOD 130 - The 2000!

As we often like to do here at CFS... We are celebrating the unusual. Yes, sometimes you need to do a certain work out just because it sounds crazy and fun.
In this case, we are celebrating our 2000th like on Facebook. Why?..... because Facebook has been so good to us. We have numerous amounts of members that found us because a friend or relative posted something awesome or crazy about our Box. We also use Facebook as our main medium for posting information quickly to all of you. Info on the WOD, celebrations, birthdays, happenings, closing due to bad weather, and on and on.

So that is why!

Here we go!

Warm up good, this one is a long one.

In teams of 4 (5 might be added for a beginner team and 3 may be used for a super advanced team)

The 2000
The WOD can be done in any order (except for the final run) and you can have different members of the team working on different areas. For example, you might have 2 athletes working on one part while the other 2 athletes are working on a different area. The final 200 Meter run must be done together as a full team

There are 10 exercises that need to be done, each with 200 reps/calories/meters. So at the end, you have done a total of 2000 Something!

200 Cal row (only 1 rower can be used)
200 meter lunge
200 hang Power cleans 135/95
200 meter Broad jump
200 Push Presses 115/75
200 meter sled pull 4x45lb plates as a team (can be pulled by any number of team members)
200 deadlifts 225/155
200 meter slam ball toss (the ball can only be thrown, not carried, not rolled)
200 Burpees
200 Meter final Sprint as a full team
 *all of the exercises is 1 athlete working at a time except for the final run, the ream must run as a group)

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