Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The basics of getting healthy

What we suggest if you want to do well… 

  • Get 8+ hours sleep
  • Take appropriate rest between workouts
  • Drink plenty of water Water Calculator
  • Eat with abandon:
    • A variety of quality meat, fatty meats, organ meats, fish and seafood, eggs
    • Dark leafy green vegetables
    • Fresh, fermented vegetables
    • Learn your spices & herbs to make your food taste amazing and avoid boredom
  • Moderate these:
    • Save starchy vegetables (sweet potato, roots, tubers, squashes) and fruits (best are berries)  for post-workout
    • Moderate nuts and seeds (small amounts, not all the time)
    • Use these oils to cook with: animal fats (tallow, ghee, suet), coconut oil; Use these oils as toppings (don’t cook with): olive oil, nut oils
    • Make sure you’re getting enough protein (1g/lb bodyweight per day) and eat to satiety
    • Avoid packaged foods (make it yourself)
    • Read the label/ask your server!
  • NO NOs - Avoid these absolutely
    • Grains, breads, legumes, cereals, rice
    • All dairy products
    • Alcohol
    • Sugars, artificial sweeteners (agave, cane juice, molasses, stevia, etc.)
    • Artificially sweetened Protein powders
(chunks and pieces taken from paleodiet.com)

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