Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wednesday - WOD 127 - Olympic Lift Total

We don't often have days like today, but when we do, I know a few of us get super excited. What a better day than just lifting for most of the day.

In either case, for those of you who we have said are no longer beginners, today is a day where you get to lift some heavy stuff.

Warm up
group warm up
2 rounds of Empty bar (one with clean grip, one with snatch grip)

Strength (20 mins)
Oly Lift Total
3 attempts at the Clean and Jerk
3 attempts at the Snatch

every 3 mins for 9 mins
200 meter run, 10 ball over bar toss 20/14
*ball must leave from the ground
**any time left is rest 

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