Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wednesday - WOD 139 - Sara's Lucky 7's

Happy Birthday (30 Years, 6/25/85) to one of the most amazing people in our Box. Not only has Sara been through such a great journey with our CFS Family, she has also started a new journey of her own.

In just a few short days, Sara will be moving to Houston starting her own journey. I know that for most, including me, this is a very touchy and emotional moment. Even as I sit here typing this I am realizing that I am not 100% ready for her to leave.

But enough of that.... We are here to celebrate the life of an amazing athlete, an amazing coach, and an amazing friend to so many of us.

So Let's Push ourselves extra hard today to demolish this WOD

30 Reverse Wall balls for time (must hit the target to count)

Sara's Lucky 7's
185/135 or 75% of your Clean Max
4 rounds for time:
7 Deadlifts
7 Cleans
7 front Squats
7 Back Squats (no Rack)
1 forward Sled pull (25 meters down) 90/45
1 Backwards Sled pull (25 meters down) 90/45

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