Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday - WOD 177 - Unbroken

This has been a fantastic week of Birthday WODs and lifting.
Today we have a Metcon that has a little bit of a twist...
To get points you have to actually do the sets unbroken.

Warm up
Group warm up
emphasis on Squats and Wrists for handstands

15 minutes to find
Back Squat 1RM

Level 1 (Beginner)
15 Min AMRAP
15 unbroken Wall balls
30 second unbroken Handstand hold from BOX

Level 2
15 min AMRAP
18 Unbroken wall balls
45 second unbroken Handstand hold against wall

Level 3
15 Min AMRAP
20 Unbroken wall balls
18 foot Unbroken Handstand walk

*the movements have to be unbroken in order to complete a round
** on the wall balls, and rest of stopped movement (other than a slip or adjustment) is considered Broken and you have to restart - so make sure to take the proper rest before each round
***on the hand stand walks or holds, any drop of the legs to the ground is considered a Break and you must start over
****if you can not do a certain movement, you must move back to a lower level.

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