Sunday, September 13, 2015

Monday - WOD 190 - A Fresh Start

Tomorrow 9/14/15 we are starting the Lurong Challenge

Even if you don't sign up and become part of the actual Lurong Challenge, We encourage everyone to follow along with us.

To start, here are the nutritional guiidelines:

And for more details, here is the actual 7 week meal plan with shopping list:

Then, Starting Monday, Jennifer and I will take your measurements as a benchmark to the 7 week transformation. At the end of the 7 weeks, we will take measurements again. (For those actually doing the Lurong Challenge, This data needs to be validated by Friday on the Lurong Site)

Next! every Wednesday for 7 weeks we will do a new Lurong WOD. These WODs have to be entered online for those actually taking part of the challenge. (this is so much like the Open I am super Excited!)

And that's it, I will have extra print outs of the 7 week meal plan if you have questions.

Group warm up with GROUP foam rolling session. (coaches walk athletes through the main 7 points of rolling out - Glutes, Hams, Quads, Calves, upper and lower back, Lats)

The group can choose which WOD they want to start on. We only have 7 rowers, so only 7 athletes can start on WOD 1.

Rowing and Swinging
8 minute AMRAP
Minute 1 – Max row for Calories
Minute 2 – max kb swing for reps
Minute 3 – max row for Cal
Minute 4 – max kb swing for reps
Minute 5 – max row for Cal
Minute 6 – max kb swing for reps
Minute 7 - Max kb swing for reps
Minute 8 - Max row for Cal

**The score it total ROW for Calories PLUS total swings
*kb weight – Rx 52/35, Scaled 35/22, beginner 35/22

Weight 5 mins

James Complex Ladder
As Fast as Possible with 8 min Cap
7 – James complexes (rx 95/65, Sc/Mast. 65/45, Beg. 55/35 )
6 – James Complexes (rx 115/75, Sc/Mast. 75/55, Beg. 65/45)
5 -  James Complexes (Rx 135/95, Sc/Mast. 95/65, Beg. 75/55)

*The James complex:
Rx = burpee -> Power Clean -> Front Squat -> Press to back -> back squat
From the Back Squat, the bar can be pressed back to the front or dropped

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