Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday - WOD 189 - Bday WOD "darrel"

Happy Birthday to our Buddy Darrel. He is the leader of one of the greatest families that we know.
We are so happy and proud to call him a friend.
Darrel was born on 9/26/58

Everyone Has to Wear Camo gear 
Group warm up
Team plate stack
... divide the group into 2 teams.
...Grab to plates per person.
...stack all plates into 1 stack. 1 plate at a time from the rig to the garage door, leave plate there.
...once the entire stack is moved, then return the stack 1 plate at a time to the original location. person at a time.

Strength (57 years of awesome)
5 min emom
7 Hang cleans 95/65

4 rounds
9 back squats from the ground 95/65
26 tire hits
5 pullups
8 pushups

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