Sunday, October 25, 2015

Monday - WOD 216 - Chasing the OH

Group warm up
Wrist mobilization for Front Squats and Cleans

Empty bar warm up
2 rounds of the following in a group format
5 shrugs
5 high pulls
5 Clean grip muscle snatches
5 OH Squats
10 front rack lunges

Strength (10 min)
Beginners - Power Clean technique - Ground to knee, knee to thigh, High pull (pausing at each step)
 Then pull it together - increase weight with good form

Advanced - Power Clean + Front Squat
2x(1+2) @65%
2x(1+2) @70%
2x(1+2) @75%

In an 8 min window
600 Meter run (3x200)
25 OH Squats 115/75

In a 7 min window
400 Meter run (2x200)
20 OH Squats 115/75

In a 5 min window
200 Meter run
15 OH Squats 115/75

*Any time left in each round is considered rest time/there is no additional rest between rounds
the athletes will start the second round at the 8 min mark and the 15 min mark. The WOD will end at the 20 min mark.
**Beginners scale weight to 95/65 or lighter to accommodate good/safe form
***Scale the run to 400/200/100

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