Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monday - WOD 245 - End Of year Crunch time

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. Many of us are still working on our End of year resolutions. The things that we have been working on all year and want to see some serious progressions before the year is up.
But Guess what?
If it doesn't happen, that's okay, the end of the year is a good time to get as close as you can before time is up.

To  help with this, I also want to challenge our athletes to put the food away. Thanksgiving is over, its time to throw away the left overs, throw away the pies, throw away the sodas. Here are the basic 5 rules of the Slow carb diet that we have used in the past. This is just a December challenge, so don't get too worried.

1. Avoid the White. So stay away from breads, rices, surgar
2. Eat the same meals repeatedly. This is simple meal prepping. Don't be over burdened with variety and trying to be creative. I have seen better success with people who make the same meals every week. It is easier, and creates less opportunity for you to stray.
3. don't drink ca/lories. This is a very difficult one. To make it simpler, just ask your self, does this drink have calories? Beer, wine, sodas, shakes, milk, etc. Some of the things that are okay are finding some low calorie alternatives.
4. Don't eat fruit. This has to do with fructose and the way fruit acts with out bodies. My only rule breaker for this one is that fruit is allowed as a preworkout and post workout recovery food. Aside from that, fruit should be avoided especially at night. More info here
5. Take one day off per week. There is both physical and mental reasons for this. For me, the main point is so that you don't freak out and just stop everything. The 1 Cheat day doesn't mean go crazy, it just means eat normal, but eat the things that you have been thinking about all week. Burgers, pasta etc. This day also needs to be a day that you workout. Do not have a cheat day on a rest day.

That is it. Good luck.

Group warm up
standard line warm up
PVC Pipe Shoulder warm up
Empty Bar Snatch warm up

Bent over rows
75% of Clean

Clean High Pulls (touch n Go)
60% of clean

5 rounds for time
3 Squat Snatches 95/65
6 Toes to Bar
9 burpee bar jump overs

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