Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thursday - WOD 249 - Choose your own destiny

Group warm up.
3 rounds (not for time)
3 candlestick get ups
6 HR pushups
3 Pullups

Shoulder warmup

Snatch grip Hang High pull +
Hang Power snatch +
Oh squat
3x (1+1+1) @50%
2×(1+1+1) @60%
2×(1+1+1) @65%

Metcon - choose your own Destiny
AMRAP in 15 minutes
-Max Double unders

*each person chooses how many unbroken double unders they are going to hit for each round
*doing a single then double counts as unbroken as long as their is not a break.
*after each successful round of unbroken double unders or singles, the athlete will perform 5 burpees and 5 chest to bar pullups
*if the athlete misses a round (is not able to hit the number of unbroken doubles or singles they picked) they do not get points for that round and must perform the penalty of 5 burpees and 5 chest to bars
*the end score is how many unbroken double unders (singles) performed. Athletes doing singles will divide their final score by 3.

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