Sunday, February 28, 2016

Monday - Kick off of "Coach's week" - Day 1.... Anna Marie

Starting this week until mid of next week, we are going to have a WOD inspired by one of our coaches.

The first is from Anna Marie. I asked her to give me a long WOD that had some AMRAPs built in to some rounds.
And yes she delivered.

This is a long one so there is only going to be some good warm up, then we are going.

Warm up/skill: (15 mins)
tabata sumo pops and push ups

Anna Marie's top skill - Double under practice - If you have doubles work on those triples!

Metcon: (Total of 30 minutes - Must start on time)
5 rounds - 5 minutes per round - 1 minute rest between rounds

Round 1: 
in a 5 min window
200 meter run
then max Bear complexes 95/65
(bear complex: Power Clean, Front Squat, push press to back, Back Squat, push press to front)
*Each movement is broken up and fully locked out

Round 2:
in a 5 min window
400 meter run
max Abmat situp

Round 3
in a 5 min window
600 meter run
max box jumps

Round 4
in a 5 min window
400 meter run
max HSPU

Round 5
200 meter run
max back squat 95/65

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