Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday - WOD 25 - The "A" Twins

Happy birthday to our Amanda and Andrea. You girls are doing awesome.
We are proud to have you as part of our CFS family.

Happy Big 34

Death by Sprints
Min 1 = 1 sprint
Min 2 = 2 sprints
And so on
*2nd fire line = 1
**down and back = 2
***10 min cap

"The A Twins"
2 rounds for time with a partner
34 HSPU while your partner Holds 2 dumbells or kettle bells 52/35
34 hang Power cleans 115/75 while your partner holds a wall sit
34 Burpees while your partner holds a plank
34 Med ball situps with a toss over a box 20/15

The reps are shared, alternating as often as you want. Only one athlete working at a time. The athlete working can only work if the other partner is doing the hold. If that partner drops from the hold position then the other partner working must stop also.

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