Sunday, February 21, 2016

Saturday - Team WOD

in teams of 5
20 min AMRAP
Station 1 - 100 Meter Sled pull 90/45
Station 2 - Box jump overs
Station 3 - Thrusters 95/65
Station 4 - Situps
Station 5 - Toes 2 Bar

At the sound of the 3-2-1 go, all athletes will start working keeping track of the reps they are performing at each station.
One the Sled Puller comes back in from the 100 meter sled pull, he will tag and talk to the Box jumper finding out what rep they are on and where to continue
This "Exchange" will happen with all remaining stations causing the athlete from station 5 to take off and hit the sled pull.
This rotation will keep happening for 20 mins.

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