Thursday, March 3, 2016

Friday - Coach's week - day 5 - Coach Jack's partner WOD

What a week.
We are going to finish this week off with a fun partner WOD.

Coach Jack programmed this fun partner WOD to be challenging and quick.

She even created a new movement for you guys.

We also wanted to give a big shout out to Ryan Kimball.  Its his bday today so he's gonna hit this WOD hard.

Group warm up
Line warm up

Skill (15 mins)
-16.2 discussion
-Toe 2 bar progressions
-Double under clinic
-1st round speed

Coach Jack's Partner WOD

Buy in: 80 meter partner carry (carry any how)

4 rounds of
40 kb swings 53/35
30 jumping lunge plate squats 25
20 plate burpees 25
10 toes 2 bar

Cash out: 80 meter partner carry

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