Thursday, March 10, 2016

Friday - coach's week - Final day (partner wod)

There is an old scripture that says "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
In my life, there are several people that influence me and make me better. 2 of those guys are members at our gym and drive me to be a better person.
Although these guys aren't official coaches, they coach us all every time they are in the gym. Each of them is a powerful spirit in their own way.

Ruben and Don are well known in our gym as being 2 guys that will push you to work out harder than you ever thought you could.
For this WOD, Don created the Strength portion and Ruben the partner Metcon.

So grab a partner and come knock out this WOD

Group warm up
Line warm up
Empty bar warm up

"The Donplex"
deadlift > Squat clean > Front Squat > Jerk
15 minutes to find your heaviest set

Partner Metcon:
1200 meter run while your partner holds 2 plates in the farmer position (only 1 person running at a time, you can break up the run however you want)
100 hang cleans 95/65 while your partner holds a plank
100 push ups while your partner holds a plank
100 ball over box situps 25/14

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