Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday - Coach's Week - Day 6 - The Jenny WOD

This past week and weekend was very humbling. Everyone did so well with 16.2
I want to remind everyone that none of us are defined by just one workout.
I saw a bunch of defeated spirits this week because certain people didn't get the score they wanted.

I want to remind everyone that this WOD was a beating for everyone, even on the bigger scale of things.

For this WOD, I asked Jennifer to come up with a fun quick AMRAP to start the week of right.
She also through in a little Birthday Nod to Josh Hicks who is turning 37 this week.

So Happy birthday Josh

Group Warm up:
Line warm up
Empty bar Warm up

Hip thrusters from a bench
(see video)

12 Min AMRAP
37 hollow rocks
15 hang cleans level 1-95/65, level 2-135/95, level 3-155/115
80 meter sled pull 90/45

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