Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thursday - Coach's Week 2 - Day 9 - RUDY!

Day 9 is here. Day 8 was a beast thanks to Marissa.
I asked rudy to come up with a a fun one for us.
This WOD has an awesome strength component and an extra fun metcon.

So here we go

Group warm up
Line warm up
Empty bar warm up (snatch grip)

10 min EMOM
Backwards ladder of Deadlifts 225/155
Min 1 = 10 reps
Min 2 = 9 reps
Min 3 = 8 reps
and so on until you finish Minute 1 with 1 rep.
The Score is how many rounds you complete with the prescribed amount of reps.

Calorie Row
Push press 95/65
Hang Power Snatches 95/65

Cash out: 10 Tire Flips

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