Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thursday - Coach's Week - Day 4 - Quadge Chipper (Coach Audrey) - Bday WOD (P'dee)

Day 4 of Coach's week is coming up. So far this week we have had some Awesome WODs. I asked Audrey to create a fun, but challenging Chipper with a Birthday Nod to one of our newest shining stars, P'dee.
Happy 18th Bday P'dee. You are an amazing athlete and a very strong CrossFitter. We are beyond excited that your mom brought you to work out with us.

So without delay, here is  Audrey's Chipper.

Group Warm up:
Line warm up.

Pistol Practice
Start with tall box and gradually move to a smaller box.
Finish with Single leg candle Stick get ups.

Quadge's Chipper
25 min cap

buy in : 18 pullups (for P'dees Bday)
100 Double unders (300 singles)
80 situps (touching the toes on each situp)
60 Box jumps (80 Step ups)
40 HSPUs 1 abmat (60 box HSPUs)
20 alternating pistols (40 air squats)

Cash out:
18 Pullups (for P'dees Bday)

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