Monday, March 7, 2016

Tuesday - 2nd Week of Coach's Week - Day 7 - Dena And Dwain

BeWare of the Wares. They are strong, fierce and fast. I asked them to come up with a fun quick AMRAP and they came up with 2!

So here we go.

Warm up and strength:
Ware Complex: (10 min Cap)
1 Air squat ➡️ 2 HR push-ups ➡️3 sit ups =1 rep

(Below parallel air squat , no snaking on push-up, touch toes  on sit up)
*air squat goes right into push-up so you almost do a half burpee to fall into HR push-up position, then roll over to sit up...all connected for one movement)
*min 1 = 1 rep, min 2=2 reps and so on until the 10 min cap or until you can't finish a round

▶️WOD #1
10 Min AMRAP
25 plate sit-ups (45/25; 25/15; 15/10)
🔹run 200 meters
15 plate GTO  (same weight as above)
🔹run 200 meters
5 Goblet squats (52/35; 35/26; 22/air squat) Kettle bell
🔹run 200 meters
Repeat for 12 minutes
Emphasis on good form!

Rest for 3 mins

▶️WOD #2
10 minute AMRAP
15 box jumps 24/20
10 mountain climbers
5 butt slappin' burpees (clap on top like normal, then slap the butt on the way down)
1 thruster
(185/135; 155/115; 135/95)
*The thruster reps will increase by 1 rep each round

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