Thursday, April 14, 2016

Friday - Deck of Cards

Group warm up
Land shark game.
2 teams use 10 lb plates to make their way across the parking lot and back.
Cant touch the ground or 5 burpees for the whole team

Partner Deck of Cards
Each partner team will draw 1 card at a time and perform the movements assigned to that card. You will do the number of reps on the card
♠Spades = synchronized pushups with high five at the top of the pushup
♣Clubs = synchronized pullups
♦Diamonds = synchronized plyo lunges
♥Hearts = synchronized Hang snatches 95/65
🃏 face cards and aces = sled pull
Jack 1 plate, queen 2 plates, king 3 plates, ace 4 plates

Exame... if you draw an 8 of spades, it would be 8 synchronized push ups

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