Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thursday - Bday WOD - Jackie

From her contagious smile to her ability to motivate virtually everyone, Coach Jackie is an inspiration to us all.
Jackie has been such an amazing part of our CFS family for what seems like forever. She is such a wonderful fit to our CFS family and the entire CrossFit community.

God bless you Jackie and your entire family of Awesome JJs.

Warm up
15 min Deck of cards (just 1 deck needed - one person will draw at a time except for Jackie's class - she will draw)
Entire group
spades = burpees
clubs = air Squats
diamonds = jump n jacks
hearts = Plyo push ups to plates


1000 meter row
50 empty bar thrusters 45/35
30 pullups

*we will go in waves of 7 people at a time.
Once a group clears the rowers, another group can begin (try to stick to 5 minute intervals for easy math)
Level 2 banded pullups
level 1 box pullups

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