Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thursday - WOD for God - Bday WOD (Rachel)

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of training an amazing couple, Jonathan Capps and Amanda Antell Capps. They were such a great couple to train and always full of life and energy.
One day, Amanda tells me that they were going to start going to a new CrossFit gym that her brother was opening up. We were so excited for her and her brother TJ. Although we had not met him at the time, Amanda told us that he was so excited and was looking forward to all of the hard work.
Skip forward some time and his CrossFit box has been doing amazing obviously due to his hard work and the support of his amazing family.
As time went on, I had the chance to meet TJ at several local CrossFit events around the DFW area. He was indeed a great person and a great coach.

As many of you know, TJ Antell, was recently shot in Arlington while attempting to protect the innocent. He was shot by an armed man who had just shot his wife during a domestic dispute. Although the news of his death has been heartbreaking and tragic, it has also brought our little CrossFit community closer together.
How you might ask?
Because of faith!

In our troubled times, it is easy to lose faith and lose hope that there aren't "good" people in the world any more.
So we lose a little faith

We see innocent people getting hurt or unjustly injured.
So we lose a little faith

We see people bullied and persecuted because of their beliefs or backgrounds.
And we lose a little faith.

We have issues in our lives like money, careers, health issues, etc. that get in the way of our faith.
And we lose a little more faith

Then one day we hear about someone that rises above and decides to do right regardless of the situation or the circumstances.
This, helps to restore our Faith.

This is what TJ did for many of us. I imagine that TJ read this passage before since he seemed to live it daily.
Learn to do right; seek justice.    Defend the oppressed.Take up the cause of the fatherless;    plead the case of the widow. ~Isaiah 1:17

His actions have not only restored our faith for a better world, but also our faith in mankind.
We should be reminded that we all have a purpose in life. And that purpose is to not be the richest, the most powerful, the strongest, the fastest, or even the most popular.

Our purpose is to Glorify God in all that we do. And I believe that TJ did this...

Group warm up
line warm up
empty bar warm up

Here is the Cinco de Rachel WOD
Happy Birthday Rachel. (I know you can't do some of this, but we gotta do it)

5 min EMOM
5 Deadlifts 225/155
5 strict pushups

5 min EMOM
5 Strict pullups
5 airsquats

Cinco de Rachel
For time
Uno - 42 Hollow Rocks
1 red rail run

Dos - 42 OH plate lunges 45/25
1 red rail run

Tres - 42 HR Pushups
1 red rail run

Cuatro - 42 Plate Ground to OH 45/25
1 red rail run

Cinco - 42 Plate Candlestick get ups 45/25
1 red rail run

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