Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wednesday - Bday WOD (Anna Marie) - Modified Lumberjack 20

group warm up.
Lumberjacks and Farmers - Tabata style (2 tabatas total)
Divide up into 2 teams. Arrange the yellow pylons out. Half the pylons should be on their sides. Half are standing upright. The “Farmers” have the job of standing all the pylons up. The “Lumberjacks” have the job of knocking all the pylons down. Pylons can only be touched with your hands. A winner is declared when all cones are either up or down.
- team 1 will be lumberjacks for the whole first tabata (full 8 rounds)
- Team 2 will be lumberjacks for the 2nd round of tabata

Anna Marie loves a WOD called "Lumberjack 20" From CrossFit.com.
I have modified that WOD a little to celebrate her 35th Bday.

Happy Birthday Anna Marie

I am calling it the LumberJill 35

Metcon: As Fast as possible...
35 Overhead Squats 115/80 - 95/65 - 75/55
Run 400m (200m for beginners)
35 Burpees (box burpees for beginners)
Run 400m
35 Pullups (Chest to Bar)
Run 400m
35 Box jumps 24/20
Run 400m
35 DB or KB Squat Cleans 53/35
Run 400m
*Scale the run and movements to fit your current fitness level

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