Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thursday - Return of the Endurance WOD

I know that nobody put down "Increased Aerobic capacity" as one of their CrossFit Goals, but we all need it in order to meet most of our goals. Items like double unders, hand stand walks, pullups etc all need a little endurance in order to achieve them a little easier

So please don't shy away from Endurance WODs

Group warm up
walking high kicks
Forward lunges
reverse lunges
High Skipping
400 meter Team Jog

Endurance Part 1
Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
200 meter repeats (80 meters for beginners)
The goal is to finish in a minute and have 1 minute of rest

5 minute break 

Endurance Part 2 
Every Minute on the minute for 21 minutes
Station 1 - 80 meter sprint + 8 situps
Station 2 - 4 ground to bar touches + 4 toes to bar
Station 3 - 5 kettle bell swings + 5 burpee jump over Kettle bells 52/35, 39/26, 35/20

*Each station is only 1 minute long
**this cycle would be done a total of 7 times
***athletes can start at different stations for the sake of crowding
****For every minute that you don't start or finish a round, you would deduct 1 point from a possible Score of 21. 
(For example, if you take a full minute break on 3 rounds and also didn't finish 3 other rounds, you then missed a total of 6 rounds which would give you a final score of 15.) 

Rest 5 minutes

Endurance Part 3
400 meter run

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