Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuesday - beat the clock

Group warm up
Line drills

15 min goat work (strict 15 minutes)

-Max reps in 1 minute of Pull ups
-1 min rest

-Max reps in 1 minute of handstamd pushups (1 abmat level 3, 2 or 3 abmats L2, box pullups L1)
-1 min rest

-Max reps in 1 minute of candlestick getups (no weight L3, L2 & L1 use an appropriate plate)
-1 min rest

-Max reps in 1 minute of pushups
-1 min rest

-max reps in 1 min of abmat situps
-1min rest

Using the scores that you got in the first part, use 2 minutes to hit those same numbers again but with no rest.

So in the first part you work for 1 minute and rest for 1 minute.
In the 2nd part you have 2 mins to hit your previous score. You can use those 2 mins how you want in order to hit the previous score. If you have time left over in the 2 mins after hitting your previous score then rest.

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