Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wednesday - Get up and Move!

Group warm up
Line Drills
Turkish Get up demo and warm up with light weight

20 TGUs as fast as possible with Good Form! 52/35
If you aren't hitting the form perfectly, go slower and or lighter

20 Min increasing rep AMRAP

Rep Pattern: 2-4-6-8-10... and so on until time is up

-Pistol Squats (single leg squats), L2 - Band assisted Pistols, L1 - sitting box pistols
-plate burpees (Burpee - jump to plate - jump off plate) 45/25
-ring rows L3 - horizontal body position with feet on box, L2 & L1 adjust feet accordingly to -accommodate the movement
-HR push ups L3 - maintain a straight body, L2 & L1 may snake
-80 meter sled pull after each round 90/45 

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