Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thursday - Bday WOD (Sara A)

happy birthday to Curly haired Sara.
you are a blessimg to our CFS family. you came to us at a time where we needed you most.
you are an amazing athlete and a fantastic Coach.

Thank you!

group warm up
line drills

strong man challenge - in partner pairs
with a partner, standing on opposite sides of the jerk blocks.
in 1 minute per team, partner 1 picks up the stone from the ground and places on the blocks...
partner 2 takes it from the blocks and then does a touch and go to the ground and back up to the blocks.
keep doing this for 1 min.
each time you place it on the blocks you get  point.

Strong man metcon
with 1 bar per team 185/125, 155/105, 135/95.
-Partner farmer carry to the red rail and back (each drop is 5 burpees for each athlete)
-28 partner deadlifts (sychro or solo)
-8 tire flips (both partners working together)
-28 dumbbell clusters (squat clean thruster, 2 dumbells) 55/35, 40/25, 35/20
-8 tire flips
-28 partner deadlifts
-partner farmer carry to red rail and back (5 burpees each stop)

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