Thursday, November 17, 2016

friday - The Qbaum

When I first started CrossFit, I met a guy who had already been doing CrossFit for a while. He was so well known and liked by so many people in our Burleson/Crowley community.
He was know for his mohawk, his training, his passion for fitness.
I call him the Godfather of CrossFit in our area. I have also always wanted to have him as part of our CFS community.
Luckily, for me and for our members, he is now a HUGE part of our CFS family.
Happy Birthday Jeff Quattlebaum.
And thank you for everything.

Group warm up
Line drills

Death by squat cleans

4 Rounds
11 Turkish getups 52/35
11 chest 2 bar
11 pistol squats
11 S2OH 135/95
*scalable versions available

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