Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Wednesday

Group warm up
Then 5 minute Shoulder mobility
- Behind the back banded stretch
- PVC pipe Trap smash

EMOM for 5:00 - 4 T&G Power Snatches @ 85% (of 1rm Power Snatch)
EMOM for 5:00 - 1 Power Clean + 4 T&G Push Jerks @ 85% (of 1rm Power Clean) 
*We are looking for good form on this, Don't rush the heavy lifting if you don't have good form

20:00 AMRAP
Run/row 400m
10 Strict Ring Dips, level 2 Kipping ring dips with band, level 1 box dips
15 GHD Situps, Level 2 parallel to ground GHD situps, Level 1 abmat situps

80 M Dual KB/DB Rack Carry 52/35   *KB rack should NOT be on top of the shoulder. Forearms should be vertical and as close to the chest as possible. KB should be resting on the upper and lower arm equally.  

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