Monday, March 27, 2017

Tuesday - partner WOD

group warm up
3 rounds
200 meter run or row
5 ghd situps
5 empty bar strict presses
5 empty bar OH squats

metcon   "It Takes Two"

15 minute cap

50 KB Swings (Rx/Masters-52/35, Sc- 35/22)
50 Box Jumps (Rx- 24/20, Sc/Master- 24/20 step ups allowed)
50 HSPU (Rx/Masters-one mat, Sc- hand release push ups)
50 Double Unders (Sc-100 singles)
50 Pull Ups (Sc/Masters- Jumping Pullups)
50 Wall Balls (Rx- 20/14 w/10ft Target, Sc/Masters- 20/14 w/ 9 ft target)
50 Burpees

Only one partner working a minute at a time. Partners must trade off every minute. Partner One will start the first minute, then at the minute mark, the second partner picks up where partner one left off and so on until completed or the time cap. For every rep that is not completed once you reach the time cap, one second will be added to your score.

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