Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monday - Getting Ready

As many of you know, Murph is coming up in about 6 weeks. In order to prepare for this, I am going to throw in some additional running for everyone to get ready.

So here you go

Group warm up:
Line drills

7 mins of conversational speed running
*this isn't a race, this isn't a challenge to see how far you can go in 7 mins, this is a chance for you to get your legs moving and get your lungs working. If you have a stop watch, bring it, that way you can just run out for 3.5 mins and then come back in. If you don't have a stop watch, the coaches will start the clock and you can do 200 meter repeats in front of the box so that you can keep an eye on the clock

5 rounds for time
5 cal row
5 thrusters 95/65, 75/55, 55/35
5 bar facing burpees
5 slam balls 20/14 (do not use med balls)
5 pullups
5 wall balls 20/14
*1 min rest after each round
*do each round as fast as possible and use that 1 min rest to recoup

OT Endurance
7 more mins of conversational speed running

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