Monday, April 3, 2017

Partner Comp WOD

Just a reminder, Our Competition is this weekend.

We will not have classes Friday night in preparation for the competition. 

group warm up
line drills

Partner rope WOD
8 min time cap

-Athlete 1 completes a 30ft hand over hand sled pull 2-45's (guys), 2-25's (girls)
-Both athletes complete a 200m farmer's carry with weights from sled (2 plates each partner)
-Athlete 2 completes a 30ft hand over hand sled pull
-Both athletes complete a 200m farmers carry.

Then with the remaining time...
Take the weight from the sled and load 1 bar. (must include clips)
-Athlete 1 completes 1 clean
-Athlete 2 completes 1 Deadlift
-then AMRAP either lift for a maximal rep score. (athletes can not change from their designated lifts)
*the final score is the total # of combined reps

*Remember, the final weight is going to depend on what type of team you have...

guy/guy teams will end up with 225 on the bar
girl/girl teams will end up with 145 on the bar (using a 45 lb bar)
Coed teams will end up with 185 on the bar.
(As always, scale accordingly)

12 Min EMOM
5 Shoulder to OH 115/85
10 Floor sweepers (same weight)

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