Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wednesday - EMOM

Just a reminder that we are adding in Extra running every day in order to train our aerobic capacity. When you do these runs, it is not meant see how far you can go in that time frame. Instead, it is meant to see if you can run while maintaining a certain heart rate or maintain a conversational speed while running. If you are going for the conversational speed, simply ask yourself the following question out loud
"Can I say this in one breath?" 
 If you have to take more than 1 breath to ask yourself that statement, you are running too fast. Slow down so that you know that you are keeping your body in the Aerobic state and not the.

If you have a heart rate monitor, you can use it to make sure you are in Zone 2 or 3 according to this website Heart rate Calculator

So there you have it. Quality over quantity for this one. So keep the pace slow and get that aerobic capacity up.

Group warm up
Line Drills (emphasis on getting the hips, knees, and ankles warmed up)
7 minutes of Conversational Speed Jogging

Strength (10 minutes)
5x3 Hang Clean (touch and go)
Start at a comfortable weight and try to increase the load each set (

16 min EMOM
Odd minutes - 4 Hang Power Cleans 155/105, 135/95, 105/85
Even Minutes - 8 Toes 2 Bar (Level 2 - Knees to Chest high, Level 1 - Knees to 90

7 minutes of Conversational Speed Jogging

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