Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bday WOD - Sam

Group warm up
Line drills


Team WOD (teams of 3)
15 Min HARD Cap

1 athlete will work on the following:
6 x empty bar OH lunge - 2nd fire line & back =1 (45/35, 35/15, pvc pipe)

While the other athletes are doing an AMRAP of the following (1 athlete at a time)
32 Double under
6 Hang power clean 135/95, 115/85, 96/65
4 chest 2 bar Pullups, level 2 chin over bar, level 1 band or box

*The score is how many rounds of the AMRAP are complete after the 15 mins is up
*The OH lunges can be shared as needed. Athlete doing the lunges must go from the garage line to the 2nd fire line and back to equal 1 set. While 1 athlete is doing the lunges, the other 2 athletes can tag team on the AMRAP.  Once all 6 sets of lunges are done, all 3 athletes can focus on the AMRAP.

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