Wednesday, September 6, 2017

That dirty 4 letter Word

Coach Glassman, the co-founder of CrossFit, has described developing this workout in his garage as a teenager to improve his gymnastics routines. He did the workout and promptly threw up. As soon as he was able, he jumped up and ran to his neighbor, brought him over and put him through the same routine.

Why did Coach Glassman give this WOD a female name? Glassman has said that Fran leaves you crushed and exhausted and joked that “any workout that leaves you flat on your back, staring up at the sky, wondering what the hell happened, deserves a girl’s name."

Tips to help with Fran

- As ever, approach the workout with a plan.  How will you break up your reps?
Most beginner to intermediate athletes will break up the first set of 21 into 11 & 10 reps each. The second set of 15 into 8 & 7, then the final set of 9 unbroken if possible. Of course planning for fewer reps is fine, JUST HAVE A PLAN.
- Fran is mentally challenging.
Be prepared for this.  Negative self talk will not make this easier.  Getting someone to cheer/encourage you through this WOD can be extremely beneficial. We will do this WOD in waves so you can have a motivator/counter.
-Want to push toward the elite ranks?  One of the keys is getting through the thrusters “unbroken”.  The second key is to keep your chest high, breathe, and get back on tht bar!
- Finally, warm up well.
I have said it a thousand times, shorter WODs require a longer warm up. Don't just do the normal warm up. Do that plus 10 minutes of good mobility stretching of the shoulders and hips. Then pick up that bar and get some reps in to loosen up the wrists.

Warm up
15 minutes
Srandard warm up plus band stretches for the arms
Foam roller on the back with an empty bar over head
Hip flossing
Plyometric broad jumps
Kipping motion on the pull up bars

Thrusters 95/65

* If this is only your 2nd or 3rd time doing Fran, make sure to use the same weight as before so that you have a true benchmark.

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