Monday, November 27, 2017

Tuesday - get moving

We will hit some lifts tomorrow for our healthy holiday challenge. So here is a fun quick light day.

Group warm up

10 Air Squats
10 Jumping Jacks
10 Push-ups
Side Shuffle (10 yds each way)
Toy Soldiers (10 yds)
High Knees (10 yds)
Skip For Height (10 yds)
Backpedal (10 yds)
10 Mountain Climbers

10 min Rope climb technique
Then 5 rope climbs @12 feet for time

Every minute for 12 mins

Odd minutes
30 second plank
Then max rep air squats (focus on good form with full depth and a good lockout)

Even minutes
30 second wall sit (at parallel)
Then max rep hand release pushups

*score is a running total of the air squats + pushups after the 12 rounds.
*keep your self honest on the holds, if you break for 5 seconds on the hold, add 5 seconds to your time. You must hold for 30 seconds not just to the 30 second mark of each minute!

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