Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Thursday - Wall balls

Group warm up
2 rounds
10x pvc pass throughs
10x jumping jacks
10x squats
10x mountain climbers
10x broad jumps

80 meter high knee skip

3RM Strict Press

100 unbroken wall balls 20/14, 14/10, 10/8
*If you break your wall ball this is your penalty
*Each time you break, your penalty count starts over even though you are still working towards your 100 total.
-15 reps or less Run 800 Meters
-16-20 reps  (20 Burpees)
-21-30 reps  (25 Slam balls 20#/15#)
-31-49 reps (400 meter run w/ wall ball)

-50 or more reps you get to REST

*You are "breaking" if you are not actively "in motion" or if you do any of the following:
  • the ball touches the ground - even if accidental
  • Pause with the ball while standing
  • Lean against the wall while holding the ball
  • Pause in a Squat with the ball

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