Sunday, March 11, 2018

Monday - Start the week off right

Here is a perfect way to start off a great week. Remember, we are open during normal hours even though its Spring Break.

Group warm up
With a PVC pipe
- Back Rack walking leg swings
- Back Rack walking heel to butt kicks
- OH walking High knees
- OH Pause squats every 4 feet
- OH Frog leaps

OH Squat
10 @ empty bar
(start around 50% and try to increase weight each set - looking for a final 1 rep max for the day)

12 min AMRAP
2 OH Squats
4 Front Squats
8 Back Squats
16 Front Rack Lunges
*The weight of the WOD is 60% of the 1 Rep max you got during the strength

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