Thursday, September 13, 2018

Friday - Partner WOD - Wedding WOD

Congrats Madison and Sabrina. The wedding day is almost here! We know your wedding is going to be amazing and we can't wait to celebrate with you!

Here's to you 2!

Partner wod
Wedding date: 9-15-18
2 parts / 2 scores

Part 1
15min AMRAP

9 HSPU (life's up and downs)
15 box jumps 24/20 (take the leap)
18 KB swings 52/35 (hear the wedding bells)

1 minute REST (restart clock)

(When two become ONE)
Partner 1: 915m Row (while partner 2 wall sits)
Partner 2: 915m Row (while partner 1 wall sits)
(If the partner stops wall sitting, the rowing stops )

Let me know what you think?

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