Owners & Coaching Staff


James Martinez - Owner and Founder of CrossFit Success - CFL1
The foundation of why I started CrossFit was simple..."building strong relationships and strong bonds through fitness". I began with only 12 clients and one boot camp location. That is all that it took for me to quickly realized that I loved training people. The athletes that I train are the driving force behind our CrossFit box and always will be. Our Company motto is based off of that principle "Real People, Real Fitness, Real Results". I have over 10 years of Fitness coaching and have been a CFL1 Coach since 2010.

I am dedicated to helping everyone achieve their fitness goals and I have an overwhelming desire to see everyone succeed! 


Jennifer Martinez - Co-Owner/Business Manager
Jennifer is the Glue that holds our Box together. She has a passion for helping people and making them happy. She always has a great smile and is ready to answer any questions that might come up. She loves to dance, spend time with family, and workout with her CFS family


Coaching Staff:


Dena Ware - CFL1 Zombie Crew/New Member On-Ramp
Dwain Ware - Apprentice in training/Zombie Crew.
These 2 have been the cornerstone of the Zombie Class. Morning after morning they are there for our dedicated Zombie Crew. They have been with CFS since the beginning.

Sabrina Garcia - CFL1  Coach 
Sabrina was a former High School athlete. After starting college, as with most of us, Sabrina let her fitness go to the back burner. After realizing that she weighed over 200 lbs, she decided to make some changes. In 2010, with the help of MMA, she decided to get her life back in order. In addition to her MMA career, Sabrina found CrossFit Success in 2012. As with all things athletic, CrossFit was a natural progression for Sabrina which led to several local CrossFit competition victories. Soon after, because of her love for teaching, Sabrina became a CFL1 Coach and is the leader of the early morning "Zombie Crew". Her coaching style is "Work Hard, Play Hard". She loves to push people to new limits while keeping it fun.

Marissa Cabral - CFL1 Mornings


Anna Marie Reeves - CFL1 Mornings/Endurance Classes


Ronnie Beaty - CFL1 Coach
Ronnie is one of our amazing afternoon CrossFit coaches. He is a very dedicated CrossFitter and shows that passion by helping out all of our athletes get faster and stronger.



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