CrossFit Success -  Q&A

What is CrossFit Success & The Crowley Box?
It is an ongoing CrossFit program of fitness instruction & motivational training provided by CrossFit Level 1 Trainer James Martinez

Where is The Crowley Box located?
The Crowley Box is located at 
6621 Stormcat ln.
Burleson, Tx 76028

Can I Bring My Children?
Yes - but we do not have a dedicated space just for them. Most of our kiddos sit in a stroller so they stay safe. 

CrossFit Success sounds intense! Will you be yelling at me?
Not at all! My style is to combine encouragement and camaraderie to motivate you. I will not humiliate you or embarrass you, nor will I scream or intimidate. I am a nice guy, you’ll see

What if I’m not very physically fit?
Regardless of your current fitness level, I can help you improve! NOBODY will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged! Participants of all ages and abilities are welcome to join The Crowley Box. Each day of Class, activity will slightly increase in intensity. You will inspire and be inspired by me and by others.

Why should I participate?
You can make a dramatic improvement in your physical and mental well-being. In addition, you’ll meet great people who share your same passion for acquiring more healthy body and mind. And, you’ll burn several hundred calories in just one hour!

What is the cost (investment in myself)?
You Can Click here -->> Current Rates for more information on the rates.

Why is your CrossFit Box cheaper than other CrossFit Affiliates in the area? Because we are in the business of changing people's lives, we feel that we need to keep the price reasonable in order for everyone to afford it.
We also do not spend any money on advertising and pride ourselves in growing by word of mouth and referrals only

How do I get Started
You Can Click here -->>  How to get started! for more information on how to get started

How often should I work out

The Short Answer
If you aren’t interested in reading the full explanation below then I recommend the following training frequency for the average CrossFit Success athlete: Train 4 or 5 days per week. Generally, don’t train more than 3 days consecutively or less than 2 days consecutively. Above all, listen to your body, but be aware that you must work through soreness and fatigue. However, never work through pain, especially acute pain. With that guidance, check out the four simple examples below and see if one fits your lifestyle:

The Long Answer
The intent of your individual training frequency is to train often enough to reach your fitness goals, but not often enough to overtrain or develop overuse injuries. Training frequency is dependent upon many factors, the most important of which are goals, intensity, rest, nutrition, and existing level of fitness. The remainder of your daily/weekly schedule is also a relevant factor. Let’s examine how each one affects your training.

If you simply want to maintain an adequate level of fitness for daily life and ward off obesity then your training frequency will differ substantially from an elite athlete seeking to compete in a national competition. Training more frequently will advance your fitness faster, to a point. You can’t just keep adding workouts until you’ve gone 11 days without rest, as that will lead to overtraining, which is counterproductive for any athlete of any fitness level. However, there is simply a substantial difference in fitness goals between those who train twice per week and those who train 5 times per week.

If you train more intensely then you will require more rest than if you train less intensely. If cross training is your workout regimen then we can probably summarize your workout intensity as either intense or very intense, assuming you are putting 100% effort into your workouts. You may need to alter your training frequency to rest more during periods of multiple, very intense workouts and increase your frequency during periods of short or otherwise less intense workouts.

Quality and quantity of rest are a huge factor in training frequency. Quality rest increases your ability to train more frequently. I’m defining quality and quantity in two principal ways: your level of activity on your rest days, and hours of sleep per night. If you shovel tar for half a day on your rest day then it wasn’t especially effective rest. Similarly, if you sleep only 5-6 hours per night then you also didn’t rest very effectively. The most effective rest is lack of prolonged or intense physical activity during the day plus 8.5-9 consecutive hours of sleep per night. Yes, that’s asking a lot of the typical American schedule. Guess what, your body doesn’t give a damn. Less/low quality rest means training less often. More/high quality rest means you can train more often without overtraining or incurring overuse injuries.